The BOMA Project

Helping poor women in Northern Kenya start sustainable small businesses so they can survive droughts and feed and educate their children.

Northern Kenya is the traditional homeland of the pastoral nomads, whose centuries-old way of life—livestock herding—is now threatened by severe and recurring drought. The BOMA Project provides education, seed capital, training and mentoring so women can earn a diversified income and adapt to climate change. We accomplish this through two programs: the Rural Entrepreneur Access Project (REAP) and Agents of Change.

  • boma-fund-photo2REAP is an innovative two-year poverty graduation program that helps women start small businesses in their rural villages. With a new and sustainable income, women can feed their families, pay for school fees and medical care, and accumulate savings for long-term resiliency. REAP is led by full-time BOMA Village Mentors, respected local residents who provide hands-on training in business skills and savings to small business groups of three women, the poorest of the poor. The basic start-up cost for each business is $250, including seed capital, training, and mentoring. Each woman supports an average of five children, and our impact studies show that REAP allows these mothers to double their household income. Most businesses are village kiosks that sell food staples and basic supplies.
  • Agents of Change: The BOMA Project invests in the development of sustainable, diversified sources of income by providing technical and vocational scholarships for enterprising students who can become role models in their communities. These include auto and truck mechanics, electricians, plumbers, truck drivers, computer technicians, cosmetologists and health workers.

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The BOMA Project
P.O. Box 1865
Manchester, VT 05255
T: (802) 231-2542
F: (802) 867-0414

Financial Information

BOMA Project, The is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Click below to view our most recent independent audit and IRS Form 990.

Banner photo: A member of the Mbaringo women’s group from the village of Goob Ore Inde.
Video: A video on the Rural Entrepreneur Access Project (REAP).
Photo: Women who participate in BOMA Project's micro-enterprise programs are learning how to run sustainable businesses that help themselves and their families.

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When you donate to BOMA, you are supporting an efficient and responsive nonprofit organization that relies on small-scale, grassroots initiatives. We focus on local participants, local leaders, and local solutions to modern problems in Northern Kenya.

What your donation can do:

  • $50 Supports one one REAP entrepreneur in a three-person business group
  • $150 Provides a Jump Grant to provide seed capital to a new business
  • $250 Supports a business group with grants and training
  • $500 Supports a vocational student for training in a sustainable industry
  • $1,000 Supports four business groups in a village.

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